Perhaps they do not have clear that it is a "Hacker"...

... and therefore not a ' "Hackerspace", but these are terms you need to knowdetail
in order to understand who we are, who we are, we seek, as we do.
so I will explain them with this video (only in Spanish)

Also you can check the definition offered by Wikipedia.

Then Rootdevel Hackerspace...

... It is managed by a community of innovative non-profit initiative, which process is based on honesty, solidarity and service to the cyber. Currently the only space in the region thought for inspiration and productive leisure; in this scenario converge creative ideas and tools to make the imagined.



A growing community that solves problems and produces various projects (not only the technological field) using a system of organization and cooperative learning, a community that believes in freedom and voluntary mutual help.


We aren't

An organization of crackers internationally renowned performing data network intrusions maximum security, nor thieves or "retrievers" key users of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Flickr.



We shared processes such as development of social activities and group projects. Research, debate and disseminate Internet issues, new tecnnologias and civil rights in these scopes.

Events, Lectures, Workshops ... Our Experiences

Now that you have clear many topics, in line with the activity and work of a hackerin society, you can see a
small report of events, talks and workshops past you've even had the opportunity to participate.

Software Freedom Day

27/09/2012 Un evento que sirvio como punto de encuentro para intercambiar y compartir conocimiento, crear lazos comerciales, comunales y personales, todo en torno al software libre... Seguir


14/05/2014 Continuamos construyendo una ciudad con oportunidades para acceder al conocimiento, a la tecnología, conservando el derecho a la libertad y la privacidad. ... Seguir

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